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arabic henna by arcanoide arabic henna :iconarcanoide:arcanoide 64 3 Desert Rain Frog by Vertigo-Gal Desert Rain Frog :iconvertigo-gal:Vertigo-Gal 110 33
Punk!Daddy!Levi x Teacher!Reader: Quick to judge
Being a kindergarten teacher was something that you had always inspired to be, you loved children so it was always the perfect job for you. There was always something about kindergarten that checked all the boxes, it was were children learned the basic skills to be able to continue on with there education, to go on an become something great. You loved the children you worked with just as equally as they loved you, teaching them made you happy.
You began you morning routine, before pulling on your work clothes they were never anything special, relaxed but professional. A pencil skirt and a blouse of a color that took your fancy and a black cardigan and learning from experience flat shoes (running after kids in heels was never a good idea). Another one of the benefits of being a kindergarten teacher was that there was never a lot of paperwork that you had to do, the less work you had to mark the more time you could spend with the children that you teach. It also took away the heavy bag m
:iconispiritual:iSpiritual 778 98
Movie Night - Levi x Reader
" Are you done taking a shit? The movie is starting!" You asked your boyfriend of two years.
" Hey, that's my line. And I was just waiting for the popcorn." Levi replied, giving you the bowl of popcorn and settling down next to you.
" So, what are we watching?" 
Your face beamed as you replied, " Captain America: The Winter Soldier!"
" Alright, as long as it's not some sappy rom-com like Amelie."
You threw some popcorn at him, " Hey, that happens to be my favorite movie!"
" I know, I know. I was just kidding. It's just that I would've enjoyed it better if you rented the one with the english subtitles so I didn't have to translate everything," he said as he wrapped his shaking arms around you and rested his chin on your shoulders after giving you a light peck on your cheek.
You noticed and pointed it out, " Hey, you cold or something?"
Levi was surprised and replied immediately, " No, No! It's just a bit cold, I'm fine. Just hand me the blanket please."
" Oh, ok here," you weren't
:icon1357veronica:1357veronica 494 77
I Will Always Love You (Steve x Deaf!Reader)
(Name) was sitting on the couch reading when Steve walked into the room. He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw her (h/c) hair peeking above the couch. The soldier swallowed and began to get nervous.
Steve had fallen for the (h/c) beauty when he first met her. He had fallen hard. He loved everything about (Name) (Last Name). Her (h/l) (h/c) hair and (e/c). H loved the way she would sing when she thought no one was watching and the way she fought in the battle when Loki tried to take,  over the world. She was just so amazing.
When Steve had gone to Tony for girl advice, Tony had just told him to ask her out. Now, Steve was on a mission to get her to say yes to dinner. But seeing (Name) sitting there with (h/c) in a mess and her (e/c) scanning the pages of her book, Steve got nervous. He'd never really asked a girl on a date. He'd never even been on a date. He had no idea what to say, but he walked over to her trying to build up his courage.
“Uh... hey (Name),” he sai
:icongracefuljewel:GracefulJewel 292 27
My Girl 2 (Clint Barton X Reader)
"You're just jealous!"
"You're just reckless. His hand was too far!"
"I didn't know until it was to late!"
You stormed into the house, pulling your heels off and throwing them hard onto the ground. Clint followed behind you, chucking the keys on the counter. After Steve "saved" the day, Clint gabbed your hand and pulled you out, driving home. Dangerously fast to some people. The speed limit for you.
"I told Tony to take care of you!"
"It's not Tony's fault!"
"Who's is it?"
"Not mine! I guess Spencer's!"
"First name basis already?"
"Clint this is ridiculous! You're being a fool."
"Did you want him to grope you ass?"
"Are you insane? Of course not!"
“Were you going to be his whore?”
You grabbed the car keys and sped outside, tears in your eyes. Clint didn't follow. You jumped in the car and went to the only place you could get ice cream and alcohol for free.
((8 tubs of Ben and Jerry's and 3 hard vodka shots later))
"He asked me if I was g
:iconeternal-violet-void:Eternal-Violet-Void 640 189
Little Bird (Clint X Reader)
Your eyes snapped open and you stumbled out of bed and to the bathroom and retched your stomach contents. A hand rubbed your back soothingly and held your hair away from your face.
After you finished dry heaving, your husband returned with a glass of water. "Thanks" you said, your voice a little rough. "You alright birdie?" Clint asked as he scooped you up bridal style and carried you back to bed.
"Yeah, I just can't get over this morning sickness thing." You complained and wrapped your around his neck. "You should ask Pepper what helped her." He suggested. "I'll do that."
He set you gingerly into bed and leaned in to kiss you, but you smacked a hand over his mouth and pushed him away. "No Clint, I just barfed if you don't remember." You groaned. He just laughed and kissed you anyways.
"I can't wait until she comes out" you thought out loud. "She?" He questioned. "We haven't found out the gender yet" he reminded you. You smiled and pecked his cheek.
"Mother's intuition" you explained.
:iconeternal-violet-void:Eternal-Violet-Void 565 145
Beauty and the Beast (Mafia Romano X Reader)
Beauty and the Beast Part Five: Tale as Old as Time
It took days to fully nurse your father back to health, and by that time you were still trying to figure out what to do. You had told your father the stories of all the things Lovino had done for you...and how you had started to feel something different for him. Your papa had believed Lovino was an evil man, but hearing you praise him so highly made him change his mind.
''If you were truly happy, then you should go back. Tell him how you feel.'' He grasped your hand across the table. You sighed.
''I probably should. I just... don't know what to say. I've read so many stories about this...about falling in love. It's...tale as old as time. I always thought that I would know what to do when it happens...but... what if I go back, and he isn't the same man?''
''If you believe in him as much as you say that you do, then he will be the same man.'' He said reassuringly, giving your hand a squeeze.
''Alright...I'll go.'' You nodded. Just then,
:iconmarshalldfaythe:MarshallDFaythe 93 61
When Did We Get Old? (TonyxReader)
“Tony!” You shouted from upstairs, positive you just got another three gray hairs.
“Whaaaaaaat?” He shouted back from the couch.
You narrowed your eyes and picked up the weekly medicine container that held the medicine he was supposed to take every day— Which he didn’t do. You had gone to refill it for the week, only to find you didn’t fucking have to.
“Why the hell haven’t you taken your medicine?!”
“Because I didn’t want to!” Tony shouted lazily, already tuning back into the car program he was watching.
You growled and walked downstairs, moving to the tv and shutting it off, standing in front of it with your hands on your hips.
“You know damn good and well you have to take these pills. Your heart is fucked up-“
“Look, it was fucked up when I had the reactor-“
“And that was over twenty years ago! Your heart is skipping beats, and for all we know that could be bad.”
:icontonystarks-girl:TonyStarks-Girl 220 26
The Worthy One (Thor x Reader) One-shot
‘Avengers assemble!’ Nick Fury’s voice echoed through Stark Tower. ‘I repeat Avengers assemble!’
You were wobbling nervously on your feet. You had obviously heard of the Avengers after everything that happened in New York the last couple of years, but even though you were a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, you had never actually met them.
You had only been an agent in training during the attack of New York and when S.H.I.E.L.D. got attacked by Hydra you were knocked unconscious by one of the members of the S.T.R.I.K.E. team. You were one of the few agents Fury still fully trusted.
When he had come to you only several days ago to ask you to join the Avengers, you had laughed in his face.
‘I don’t have any special powers!’ you had cried out.
Fury had frowned at you, probably remembering your ‘vibes’, as you called your instinctive shivers you would get every time something bad was going to happen.
‘You may think you are not special, ag
:iconsavrom:savrom 1,004 152
Tony x Sick!Agent! Reader Germs
Tony was tinkering in his basement/lab/garage for vintage cars, updating one of his fifty suits. "Highway to Hell" was blasting on his stereo. He learned the hard way head banging didn't mix with welding all that well a few seconds ago. He was welding a crack in his armor shut while he was lip syncing and just rocking out to the song when he accidentally burnt his hand with the welder's flame. He  yelped at the pain and dropped his welder, cutting the metal table his was working on during the process. "Ow! God...oh...that hurt..."
"Sir, all you alright?"
"Yes, JARVIS...when I'm totally okay I yell in pain because I feel like it," Tony said as sarcastically as he could. He really needs to install JARVIS a sarcasm detector or a joke detector or something. While blowing on his hand, he headed to the first aid kit. When he opened it, he groaned in frustration. "JARVIS,  where are the bandages?"
"You used them the last time you hurt yourself, sir. You forgot to get more."
:iconrobottoxic:RobotToxic 528 51
Every Breath You Take (TonyXPregnantReader)Oneshot
Every Breath You Take (Tony X Pregnant Reader) (One-shot)
"Our babies will be smart and beautiful." Tony said, making you laugh. "Smart because of-"
"You right?" you asked, cutting him off.
"No." he protested. "Because of you, they'll be beautiful because of me." he smiled. You smacked him in the back of his head.
You were discussing babies because you had just taken a pregnancy test that came out positive. A few days later was your first baby appointment.
"I'm so excited." you said, jumping up and down in your seat as you waited for your name to be called.
"Well calm down we're being stared at." Tony said, glancing at the eyes that were watching them.
"Or they're just fans of yours." you said as a little girl approached him.
"Excuse me, are you Iron Man?" she asked.
"What if I was?" he teased the child.
"Could I have your autograph?" she asked, holding out a pen and small pink notebook.
"Yeah why not?" you said. You took the pen and book, and gave it to Tony. He glared at you for a se
:iconrenji72:renji72 318 93


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